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I’ve been writing some stuff! Check it out:

Justice League v Batman v Superman: How to string together 7 episodes of the 2001 cartoon Justice League that’ll provide a equal or superior viewing experience to Zack Snyder’s superhero epic.


RFP: for David Mogolov’s Out of Stock project, a short story about truth and brands.

Bloody note - Vintage inscription made by old typewriter

Cerberus Headless: The Inevitable Future of Podcasts:

When mp3 is abandoned as a format – and every digital format will eventually fade – will NPR put in the time and effort to remaster Serial to the new medium? When that medium fades in turn, will someone recopy it again? It’s not hard to do; just put an intern on it! But the New Era of Content demands such a ceaseless, costless churning of diversion for the middle class audience that I could easily imagine it being overlooked.

And that’s just for Serial, a podcast of acknowledged historical importance. Who’s going to remaster 99 Percent Invisible? Or Radiolab? Or Rose Eveleth’s Flash Forward? Or The Moth? Or Night Vale? Or, perhaps most importantly, a podcast that subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn’t deserve?

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