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Writing news:

At the start of June, I discounted my Amazon Kindle titlesTOO CLOSE TO MISS, TOO HARD TO HANDLE, TOO LATE TO RUN—by 50% or more. It now costs less than $9.99 to complete the whole set! I promoted this heavily on Twitter and Facebook throughout the month of June, and once or twice in July.

The result?

By cutting prices by (roughly) 50%, I saw a 14.8% increase in revenue and a 190% increase in sales volume!*

I’d kept my prices where they were for a while on the (well-meaning) advice of other self-published authors. Sure, my books cost more than a lot of the other entrants in the Kindle thriller market, but they were better, and quality should prove out, right? But, thinking about it further:

  • Any advice on how best to manage the Amazon Kindle e-book marketplace written 91 days ago or longer can probably be discarded;

  • As someone surviving purely on hustle and a day job, volume of sales matters more to me than revenue;

  • My books might not be better than other writers at the same price point? Maybe they’re about as good?

So, for the time being, I’m keeping the books at their discounted prices. If you liked them, please recommend them to a friend, or leave an honest Amazon review. I will be grateful!

Too Close to Miss
Too Hard to Handle (which particularly needs a couple more reviews)
Too Late to Run

* “From what to what?” Here’s the thing: shut up.