Periscope Depth

I was not caught; I crossed the line

If this is still your primary source for John Perich news, here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

1. I recorded an Overview (freelance commentary track) for Terminator 2 with the guys from Overthinking It. We talk about religious symbolism, robots and qualia, motherhood, and Public Enemy’s significance in the early Nineties’ popscape. Download it today and rewatch T2 ahead of, or in lieu of, Terminator Genesys this weekend.

2. I’ve been recapping True Detective S2 for Decider. Despite other critics’ recalcitrance, or perhaps because I didn’t see S1, I’m eating it up. It pushes every button I have for noir: Los Angeles land politics, broken and driven cops, gangsters trying to go straight, SoCal weirdness. The Episode 2 recap will go live some time today; in the meantime, ingest my hot take on the season premiere, ‘The Western Book of the Dead’, if you like.