Periscope Depth

but baby, baby, don’t save me

I haven’t posted much about my books, or anything else, recently. But ever since the release of Too Late to Run on Amazon, I’ve noticed a slow but steady trickle of sales across all three Mara Cunningham titles. This may owe to the blog tour; it may owe to the giveaway on Goodreads and the corresponding attention the books received. But I suspect Amazon’s recommendation algorithms have been doing their part.

I’ve heard from several trusted sources that Amazon’s recommendation engine puts more effort into pairing your book with other like titles when you cross the 25 reviews threshold, and again at 50 reviews. Too Close to Miss, Book 1 in the series, crossed 50 reviews over a year ago, and it helps that Amazon features the next two books in the series in “Customers who bought this also bought …”


Too Hard to Handle, Book 2 in the series, hovers at 16 reviews as of this writing.

I hate asking for favors, especially from people who’ve already been so kind as to buy and read something I wrote. But I hate letting my neuroses get in the way of success more. I have reason to suspect that getting Too Hard to Handle over the hump to 25 reviews could result in a notable boost in visibility.

Therefore, THE ASK:

If you’ve read Too Hard to Handle, please leave a review on the Amazon page.

I won’t even ask for a good review! If it is a good one I’ll love you forever and look on your works with charity, of course, but if it’s tepid or mediocre, it doesn’t hurt my efforts! A well-read book has a broad distribution of reviews: Too Close to Miss has more 1-stars than 2- or 3-stars. Of course, it has more 4-stars and many more 5-stars, so I can take the occasional critique.


And I won’t even ask you to review Book 3 yet! If you should feel so inclined, that’s a sweet gesture, but I know it’s still new and you got all those great books for the holidays that you’re still devouring. Take your time!

Recap: if you read Book 2 of the Mara Cunningham series, Too Hard to Handle, whether you loved it or merely tolerated it, please leave a review on its Amazon page, as I’m only 9 reviews away from (supposedly) some extra visibility.

Thank you.