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Look At My Cool Friends Week – THIS COULD HAVE GONE WORSE by David Mogolov

I’m not the best at seeing my friends perform, but somehow I’ve seen the last three of David Mogolov’s monologues at ImprovBoston: There Is No Good News; Dumber Faster; and Eating My Garbage. Who does monologues in today’s crazy digital era? A dreamer like David.

(I think you can hear me laughing in this clip)

Well, you didn’t see David do his monologues live, and that’s cool. But you can buy a collection of those three monologues as an ebook and read them at your leisure.

Who sells their monologues as an ebook? Well, the same person who does monologues in the first place. I can’t promise they’re as hilarious to read as they were to hear live, but I can promise they were hilarious then. Plus, they feature commentary from David and his director, Steve Kleinedler, on the writing and performance process. So maybe you’ll find that useful! Or at least entertaining.