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Look At My Cool Friends Week – GABRIEL KNIGHT: SINS OF THE FATHERS 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION by Phoenix Online Studios

Look At My Cool Friends week is a celebration of the talented friends I have who are also putting books, music, and games into the world. If what they do looks interesting, check them out!

Phoenix Online Studios was born as a scattered group of gamers (among them my friend Katie Hallahan) united by one dream: creating a fan-made sequel to Sierra Games’ popular Kings Quest series of point-and-click adventures. It took them the better part of the early 00s to make it happen, much less get the rights holders’ blessing to publish it. A couple of initial installments were released in 2013, before Activision changed their mind and took the rights back.

Undaunted, Phoenix Online turned their talent to new games. They released a supernatural mystery adventure, Cognition, in 2012, to rave reviews from Rock Paper Shotgun and Indie Games. And, earlier this year, they partnered with legendary desktop game designer Jane Jensen to release a revamped and enhanced version of Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers.

Katie helped turn a struggling fan enterprise into a legitimate company producing award-winning, beloved games. You can buy Phoenix Online’s games through their online store or through Steam or