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Look At My Cool Friends Week – FAREWELL MOTEL by Matthew Connor

Look At My Cool Friends week is a celebration of the talented friends I have who are also putting books, music, and games into the world. If what they do looks interesting, check them out!

I met Matthew Connor years ago, when I was still a regular on the Allston scene and he was fronting the electro band Provocateur. Since then he’s gotten hitched and moved on to solo projects.

Late this summer, he released Farewell Motel, a low-key pop album that puts his stellar crooning to the best use. If you can listen to “How Is July Already Over” (already a nominee for 2014 Video of the Year at the Boston Music Awards) without getting the chorus stuck in your head for three days, I … I just don’t know, man. Do dogs turn their ears back and whimper when you pass or something?

You can book a room at Farewell Motel through Bandcamp or Spotify.