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best of 2013

Well, maybe not the best, but here were the things I wrote that I liked the most in this past year.

On my blog:

No man born with a living soul can work for the clampdown: my reaction to the lockdown on the Friday after the Boston Marathon
until I thought of what I’d say, which connection I should cut: The great 20th Century Catholic novelists
Duldet multig, millionen: On moral relativism, the Holocaust, and the Ode to Joy
Help me baby; I ain’t no stranger: plot is a marketing conceit!
I’m on a bloodbuzz, god I am: on the negative takeaways from Ender’s Game
I told you when I came I was a stranger: on dating creative man-children

On Overthinking It:

The Evitability of Football Narratives: On stories that emerge in hindsight.
Dragon’s Crown: It’s Not For You: On Dragon’s Crown, sexism, Penny Arcade, and the gentle art of video game criticism.
To Be a Rock, And Not Roll: Under what circumstances can a cover of a song exceed the original?
Hyrule Castle and Environs: Is there a real Legend of Zelda continuity? Does it matter?
Breaking Bad: The Process is the Product: It’s not what you make; it’s how you make it.
Orphan Black and the Paradox of Self-Ownership: If someone offers to sell you back your life, how good of a deal should you hold out for?
Tiny Death Star and Operant Conditioning: How the Star Wars mobile game conditions you to spend money.

Those are my favorites. Yours?

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