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I loved Skyfall, if you were curious. I thought it was a better Bond than Casino Royale*, which would make it the best Bond in ages**. If you want to know more, listen to the other Overthinkers and I discuss it on the Overthinking It Podcast, episode #228, “That’s Some King’s Quest 2 Level Detective Work.”

* Casino Royale still being phenomenal, but suffering from narrative and plot pacing issues in the third act, whereas Skyfall is a more expertly paced blockbuster.

** The next great Bond film prior to that, in my ranking, is The World is Not Enough.

2 thoughts on “skyfall

  1. Andy

    First time commenter, first time listener, long time “LJ friend.” This podcast is great! Thanks for the link/advertisement.

  2. Perich Post author

    Thanks! I’m not always on the podcast, but when I am it’s awesome. :)

    (Kidding – the other guys are good, too)