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Too Hard to Handle: Blurb Preview

Hey fans – here’s a preview of the back-cover blurb for Too Hard to Handle, still slated for October release:

Running for the rest of your life isn’t a plan …

The last time Mara Cunningham saw her older brother Jimmy was ten years ago, when he jumped bail after robbing a bank in Salem. Tonight, he showed up on surveillance footage at the scene of a police officer’s murder.

Now every cop in Boston wants his head. Every gangster in the city wants the money he stole. And Mara wants answers to the questions Jimmy ran from. But she’ll have to find him first.

Too bad Jimmy Cunningham has plans of his own …

TOO HARD TO HANDLE is the second book in the Mara Cunningham series. It follows Boston’s most dangerous photographer as she solves mysteries, uncovers corruption and busts some heads. It’s dark, gritty and action-packed.

Praise for the Mara Cunningham series

“Strong, flawed, independent female lead [...] ? Check. Political intrigue and conspiracy? Check. Cast of characters that get just enough page time to whet your appetite for future stories? Checkmate. Somebody option this quick.” – Jeremy Lott, Splice Today

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