Periscope Depth

you’ve been so kind and generous; I don’t know how you keep on giving

Three bullets:

  • First, the number of people who downloaded Too Close to Miss as their first purchase for their Kindle or Nook is overwhelming. Thank you all. The near-total market penetration amongst my friends tells me I need to get my marketing game together, because I’m running out of friends with e-readers.

  • More on this later, but a quick observation: as of today, my sales on Barnes & Noble have tripled my sales on Amazon. This is so far outside my expectations of how the various ebook platforms would work that I’m treating it as I would a hundred-dollar bill found on the bottom of my closet. I’ll have a lengthier post examining how and why this might have happened come the new year, but for now: thank you Nook users!

  • The people who bother to read this blog every day (and thank you!) are the closest thing to a mailing list I have right now, so you get to hear it first: I’m jacking up the price of Too Close to Miss on January 1st. I don’t know to what yet, but at least to the magical $2.99 price point, if not higher. I think I’ve plumbed the network of supportive friends and curious strangers about as deep as I can, which is what the $0.99 come-on was meant to do. But to achieve my dream of being a self-supporting writer, I need to (someday) earn a decent amount of revenue per sale. I don’t expect to start earning that total next month, or even next year. But I need to see how much sales will drop – if at all – as the price goes up. I need data more than I need units moving off the virtual shelf.

    So if you’ve bought Too Close to Miss already and enjoyed it, please let your friends know that they can only get it this cheap for 4 more days. Send them to Amazon or Barnes & Noble or iTunes. You’ll position yourself as a distinguished connoisseur, that savvy critic who can point out ebook gems in the crowded turf. “I bought his first one at just under a dollar,” you’ll say, gesturing for the waiter to refill your Chateau d’Yquem, “and it’s held its value remarkably well.”

Consume it? Don't be absurd. It's an investment!