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I can lift a car up all by myself

One of the most rewarding parts of ceaselessly promoting a (good) novel has been seeing feedback. I don’t expect everyone to love Too Close to Miss – it’s very brief and it’s written in a particular noirish style that doesn’t work for everyone. But the feedback I’ve seen so far has been very encouraging.

(That’s one of the beauties of social media and the digital distribution era: I can get an instant assessment of how I’m doing. Of course, if I weren’t doing as well, that would turn into instant criticism, so I’m still compelled to give this my all)

I’ve taken a lot of pull quotes and turned them into promotional material for the book; you can click through to the description to see some of them. But my absolute favorite quotes so far have been quotes I can’t use.

For instance:

I didn’t think anything could drag me away from Skyrim for more than twenty minutes, but from chapter one, I couldn’t put the damn thing down.” – from a friend who works for BioWare. That’s fantastic validation right there, but my target audience isn’t going to appreciate the importance of dragging someone away from Skyrim. If this were a Cory Doctorow thriller, maybe.

My mom is loving your novel.” – speaking of target audiences … since most novels, especially in the thriller genre, are bought by women, it’s really important to me that I resonate with the 35+ female demographic. And I’ve heard this more than once, so it’s reassuring!

And my favorite:

It’s so nice to see a self-published book whose first page doesn’t make me want to scratch out my eyes.

If you have kind words and coronets of your own, please leave them on the Amazon page for the book, or even the Goodreads page. The indie publishing revolution has, as both a bug and a feature, flooded the market with product. Standing out in the crowd requires good word of mouth from trusted sources. If you read a lot of indie product, you know how hard it is to find something good – and if you think my stuff is good, please spread the word!

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