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too close to miss

Mara Cunningham knew that sleeping with a married man was a bad idea. But when her lover shows up in the hospital after his wife and son are murdered, the rumors about her turn dangerous. Now she’s the prime suspect in a double homicide, and the real killers will stop at nothing to silence her. Mara’s race against time takes her from the dense heart of Boston to the dark woods of New Hampshire, from gritty streets to the halls of power. Before she’s through, she’ll learn just which of her friends she can trust – and she’ll stare death in the face.

As of this morning, TOO CLOSE TO MISS is available on Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, with other platforms coming soon. Current price is a beggarly $0.99. That’s less than anything you can buy anywhere. If you’re sitting at your desk at work thinking about whether or not to get this book, by the time you decide you’ll have already earned enough to pay for it.

If you like the book, please tell your friends via your preferred method – Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, that word of mouth thing. If you don’t like it, drop me an e-mail and I promise to take it in stride. As the price might indicate, I’m not in this for the money: I’m trying to build a fan base.

Thank you all for the support you’ve shown me over the years, especially the enthusiasm over the last few weeks leading up to today. It’s a weird crazy feeling.

23 thoughts on “too close to miss

  1. Ray Charbonneau

    I was gonna download the PDF and convert it to something for my e-reader with Calibre, when I realized that my time alone is worth 99 cents. Even I’m not that cheap!

  2. Jason Brandenburg

    Bought it! As soon as I slog through this Guillermo Del Toro mess, it’s next on my Nook! Congratulations, dude! This is huge!

  3. Perich Post author

    Dan: iBooks is in the works. It’s a longer approval process and a different format (ePub). Will notify you once available.

  4. Erin

    Bought! I suspect I will be cracking it open on the plane to your fair city tonight. (Would love to buy you a drink in celebration if you have a night open this week.)

  5. KR

    LJ buddy here just to say that I’m looking forward to reading and I’m happy to buy it at the beggarly price. ;-)

  6. Christopher Schmidt

    Bought. 99 cents is below my “hell, I’ll buy it even if I don’t plan to read it right away” threshold :)

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  8. Perich Post author

    Mara Cunningham knew that busting made her feel good, but when she lost tenure at Columbia, she had to … (crumples up page)

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