Periscope Depth

picking up the pieces of love

Writing continues apace. I knock off just over 1000 words a day, five days a week, which means I’ll probably finish this first draft about 15 weeks after I started. I may take a day to just plow through it and add another 10,000 words to the pile, but that seems unlikely and unnecessary.

By the way, my thanks to the folks who recommended Scrivener to me: it’s a phenomenal piece of word-processing software. Right now all I use it for is full-screen writing and tacking up notes on a virtual corkboard. But the full-screen writing is excellent, easily allowing me to resize and realign my display for ease of reading. And even if I’m not taking advantage of every feature of the notes, it’s still a huge help to have them in the same file as my draft. I’ll definitely be buying it when the trial expires in just under three weeks. Scrivener charges $45 for a working copy; Microsoft charges three times as much for Office, which works sort of well. You figure it out.

I feel a little self-conscious about not using every feature available in Scrivener. It stems from my desire to pass myself off as a superuser – “oh look, did you know about this?” But it also originates from the deep seated fear that I’m wasting time on something. If I can avoid going to a meeting, or catch a train just before it leaves, or drop something off in my kitchen while crossing my apartment without having to abruptly double back, I’m operating with efficiency. I feel like time is under my control for a bit. Of course, this isn’t true. But if there’s an easy way to get a notecard in Scrivener to automatically update if certain text changes, I swear I could just kill a man.