Periscope Depth

if you don’t, you’ll be alone and like a ghost, I’ll be gone

I lost my class ring some time over the weekend. I wore it to work on Friday and I couldn’t find it on Sunday evening, when I was dressing up for the Yelp event at the Artists for Humanity Epicenter.* At some point in the intervening time I took it off and set it somewhere. I’ve checked my dresser, the pockets of every pair of pants I might have worn over that period, and (now) my desk at work. Nowhere.

I’m not heartbroken. I liked the ring, but it was a very light stylistic choice: maybe two steps removed from an affectation. I’m proud of my school and the quarterbacks it produces, but not as proud as some. I just liked having one piece of not-so-flashy jewelry. An accent, not an ornament.

Anyhow, pricing out replacements has helped me come to terms with the loss pretty quick. Hang on tightly, let go lightly and all that. It’s also helped me realize how charmed of a life I lead if the most frustrating loss I’ve suffered in a recent memory is a piece of jewelry that I was fond of but not infatuated with. I treat my body about as well as a car that hits about one in every two scheduled service trips. I save money but don’t pay attention to it. I live in a safe city, surrounded by friends who give me the time and support to pursue my dreams. I’m a lucky guy.

* This is a signpost so my future self can place this event in its time, not an attempt at namedropping.

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