Periscope Depth

I can’t read the map, no one’s ever seen the path

Referencing “Stuff White People Like” in my post on Hipster Thanksgiving inspired me to check in on the site and see how it was doing. Apparently things are going really well or really poorly, as the last update was February 3rd of this year.

I’ve written before about my belief that not all media translates well to other media, and I think SWPL is an object lesson. Show of hands: how many of you read an entry on SWPL and chuckled? At least one? Now those of you with your hands up: how many of you bought the book? Either of them?

Now I’ll never fault a brother for trying to cash in on a blog – agents, editors, my email’s in the sidebar – but it can’t last forever. Remember that “Stuff My Dad Says” TV show? Remember the Geico cavemen sitcom? I’d feel better about giant corporations trying to make the new forms of media more entertaining than trying to co-opt them into the old forms of media. You’ve got some unemployed writers, NBC. Give each of them a blog and see what happens. Or just keep optioning Reddit threads as movies; see how that works.