Periscope Depth

now love is just a faded memory

Busy with other stuff this week, so three quick updates to tide you over:

First, if you’re interested in the tabletop gaming I’ve been up to, you can check out Fading Suns: Road to Nowhere, which will recap a game that I’m running currently. If you’re not interested in gaming, then do whatever it is you do when I start rambling. Read an improving book. Catch up on the DVR. I don’t care.

Second, I reached the tipping point on spam comments vs. legit comments on my Livejournal feed. So I’m disabling the comments on my Livejournal. This blog will still feed over there if you’d rather read it on LJ than your RSS aggregator of choice. But you’ll have to come over here to give me a piece of your mind.

I’d make a comment about the end of an era, since I’ve been using LJ since August 2001, but (A) it’s free blogging software, not the Brooklyn Dodgers; (B) we’ve all been migrating away from LJ with slow, reluctant steps for a few years now; and (C) like I said, really busy this week.

Third, here’s Richard Marx’s 1987 music video, “Should’ve Known Better”:

Why? Because it’s awesome.