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words are wind

New post up on Overthinking It, in which I talk about some of the phrases George R.R. Martin uses a dozen times or more in A Dance with Dragons:

ADWD is the first Song of Ice and Fire novel that I read on the Kindle. This has several excellent advantages over traditional hardback or paperback editions. First, I can publicly read a book that has the word “dragons” in the title without bringing embarrassment to the Perich name. No one on the subway will know! Second, I can bring the book just about everywhere without putting undue strain on my spine. This saves my back muscles so I can hunch over a keyboard for hours, writing overthought articles about the book I just read.

But most important, reading ADWD on the Kindle lets me do a quick search to find every instance of the word “leal.”

Warning: CRUCIAL SPOILERS that will DIMINISH YOUR ENJOYMENT OF THE BOOK abound throughout this article. Don’t read it until you’re finished the last page of A Dance with Dragons.

And then please read the whole thing.

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