Periscope Depth

they look on and help

Observed since Friday:

  • A sax player busking outside South Station with hippy hair and a bushy beard. His sax case had a cymbal mounted on the back with the words “THANK YOU” scrawled on it. A neat incentive to donate, although I wonder if it discourages paper money.

  • Boarding a JetBlue flight from Boston to Baltimore: a man in a Patriots jersey with a photorealistic sleeve tattoo of Tedy Bruschi.

  • Extensive back issues of pulp magazines at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum in downtown Baltimore. All of these featured a dame in some distress prominent on the cover, even if another character (Jungle Lord, etc) were notionally the star. Robert Bloch’s “The Dead Don’t Die” is a perfect example.

  • Goofy tourist T-shirts with every variation or nickname of “grandfather” or “grandfather” that could be imagined. “SIMPLY THE BEST POP-POP.” “SIMPLY THE BEST NANA.” They caught my eye when I saw one that read “SIMPLY THE BEST MEME” hanging in a corner. Someone should buy that and put a cat in it.

That's an impractical dress for fleeing the dead.