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is there an app for that?

I’m sure the following exists, but I can’t find it. And I can’t describe it well enough to Google it*, a maddening feeling in its own right. I throw myself at your feet, Internet, a supplicant for better productivity.

Picture a corkboard with index cards full of notes tacked up. I can rearrange the cards on the board in any order I like. I can group them together in any categories I want. In these categories, I can put them in different order. But the cards themselves remain distinct. I can separate them out and scatter them around.

What I want: an application that’ll let me do that for text files.

To save you some trouble: MS Word isn’t what I want. Sure, I can write each of my segments out as separate Word files, and visually move them around within folders to categorize them. But I can’t merge and separate them with ease. If I marry two Word files together – ctrl+A, ctrl+C, ctrl+V – I can’t untangle them again. And I can’t put the same file in two different categories without making copies, and then each copy will be its own animal.

I want an application that will let me create pages of text as a single “note.” I then want to be able to take these notes and visually arrange them in categories. I don’t want these notes to have a character limit of anything less than a few hundred thousand. I want to be able to combine the notes easily, yet leave each note distinct if I want to separate them out again later.

This seems so screamingly obvious that I’m confident something with this functionality already exists, and is well known, and within the first three comments someone will point it out. But I’ve been staring at Word so long that I can’t think of it, and I’ve outsourced so many of my mental cycles to Google that I can’t think of what to call it. A project management organizer? A productivity visualization aid? A mind map? Please help me, or I will go mad and kill everyone I see. Thank you.

* A problem unique to this century. And they say there’s nothing new under the sun!

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