Periscope Depth

ready to give up so I seek the old earth

Look, Conor, I’m as intrigued as anyone at the Paul/Frank bill that would end the federal prohibition on pot use. In fact, it’s something of a shame that it’s taken two crusty white men to introduce legislation that would improve the lives of a few million young black men. Were there no better opportunities? Was there no one else in Washington who tried drugs as a youth and whose trajectory to power would have been halted by an arrest for possession? None of the last three Presidents? Anyway.

Unfortunately, Conor’s taken too deep of a drag on this story:

Are Republicans serious when they say that the federal government should cede power to the states? Where do liberal Democrats really stand on drug prohibition? Congress must now confront those questions, thanks to Reps. Ron Paul and Barney Frank. [...]

Hailed as the first bill of its kind to be introduced in Congress – that’s expected to happen later today – its states’ rights approach is significant, and forces defenders of federal drug policy into their weakest position.


Of course, the bill is likely to fail anyway. In killing it, however, various hypocrisies will be highlighted. As a result, federal prohibition of marijuana will wind up marginally less tenable than before.

Right. That’s the one thing the legislature can’t handle. Hypocrisy. Oh, no, my position on one issue is inconsistent with my position on other issues. Let me kneel in Gethsemane and pray on the night before the vote. Abba, Father, all things are possible unto thee; take away this spliff from me: nevertheless not what I toke, but what thou tokest. Amen.