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Internet has been out at home all this week. I know that I owe you an inaccessible political rant, it being Friday. You’ll have to wait until Monday. And I don’t know that there’s too much for me to rant about this week, anyway (though feel free to make suggestions).

A few bullets re: Internet:

  • Though Comcast’s technical service has failed me multiple times (I’m on my third modem in six months, all of which have demonstrated the same failure), their customer service has substantially improved since last I yelled at them. Everyone I’ve talked to has not only been polite and enthusiastic, but has gone out of their way to suggest things I might try. Nice work, guys! Your efforts have not gone unnoticed. Of course, nothing sells like performance, and I suppose it’s easier to upgrade your CS training than your fiber network.

  • I have a nagging fear that the issue is with the cable connection itself, not with any of the modems. Which would suck were it true. I’m not even sure what the next step would be. I live in a giant brick cube that’s at least 70 years old. You think they’ll rip out the walls just to see if my coaxial connection is solid?

  • Suppose I could always switch to home 3G, like Virgin Mobile or CLEAR offer, if I wanted to slow down my network connection by a factor of 1000X or more.

  • As recently as four years ago, having no access to the Internet at home would be crippling. It’s still an immense frustration now, don’t get me wrong, but all the obstacles can be overcome. I can walk to Starbucks and use the free wifi there. I can check e-mail on my phone. I live a short drive from a Comcast service center, so I can go through modems like Kleenex if I think it’ll help. Were I still living in Allston Rock City, or were this still 2006*, I’d have chewed a hole through my own cheek by now.

* But of course I repeat myself

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