Periscope Depth


If you spend any time on the small theater circuit, you’ll be treated to a variety of one-woman shows where a comedian recounts her quirky childhood, tosses in some personal tragedy, and then emerges from the end as a stronger person. Unbadass differs in that there’s no tragedy and that the author (Laura Clark, director of comedy writing for ImprovBoston) hasn’t quite emerged. She’s embraced her total lack of edginess and (we hope) is better for it.

Clark excels in bouncing from character to character: now the confident narrator of her past, now the awkward teenager pretending to smoke pot, now the disaffected teens asking where her (fake) dealer boyfriend lives (“uh … Groton?”). She makes a life free of danger sound colorful by investing it with vivid details. What it takes to make her cry at work (surprisingly little). The haircut that was going to make her queen of 8th grade (a mullet). How her parents nearly caught her when she came to dinner stoned, and the baroque Utne Reader reference she made to wiggle out of it (which I won’t spoil).

I caught an abridged preview of Laura’s show at the IB Nightcap this past Friday. If you want to catch the full thing, show up at ImprovBoston’s Open Comedy Jam on Sunday, May 29th at 7:00 PM. It’s cheap, it’s hilarious, and it’ll hopefully comfort you in your unadventurous life. It has been a great comfort to me.

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