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the economics of the death star

If you’re wondering why content has seemed so light this week, it’s because this is the only place you’ve been looking (like a sucker). Check this out:

* I tag teamed on a Think Tank with the rest of the Overthinking It crew on the economics of the Death Star blowing up a planet. This one seems to resonate, as it’s already been linked by The Economist. Whatever. It’s cool.

* If you want to see more of Overthinking It, you should check out Overthinking It Live at ImprovBoston’s Fifth Annual Geek Week. We’ve got two shows – one at 11:00 on Friday and one at 7:00 on Saturday. These shows include new material, music videos and a brand new live feature. I’ve been prepping for that all week as well.

* Plus I’ve been busy at work.