Periscope Depth

I mean the macaroni’s soggy, the peas are mushed and the chicken tastes like wood

Someone needs to go back in time* and tell me about the following:

  • Two slices of wheat bread, buttered;
  • Some thin slices of salmon;
  • A bit of light mozzarella cheese;
  • Assemble whole into sandwich and heat in conventional oven on 350 for 5-10 minutes
Not only does it take less time to prepare than the heat-and-eat stuff I used to choke down, and not only is it cheaper than any sandwich I could buy in the surrounding area, it tastes so good. Seriously. I have a problem now where I can’t keep salmon in my fridge long enough, because I eat it all so fast. Sometimes I put it on sandwiches. Sometimes I tear it into tiny strips and put it on pita crackers and melt some cheese on top. The salmon vanishes days after I buy it! This is a problem that only middle-class people and the neighbors of Top Cat have.


This has been the alchemical riddle for me – food that’s good for me, tastes good, is quick to prepare and is cheap. Chicken’s also a staple: a thin-sliced breast with a little McCormick seasoning, thrown on the skillet with some butter, just a few minutes on a side, boom. I’ve experimented with salad, but I have yet to find a dressing that really works for me. I can assemble the occasional flat bread pizza with a whole wheat wrap, some cheese and some pepperoni. I get plenty of fruit at work. But is that it?

So impress me with any really quick, really cheap healthy recipes. I promise I’m listening.

* Unless someone already came back from the future and told me, which is why I know now. Given a long enough timeline, the likelihood of that approaches infinity. But I don’t remember meeting a time traveler! Unless they were subtle. Maybe they whispered it in my ear while I slept. Does that even work? Time to conduct some experiments … and so on, and so on, until you see me getting dragged out of my home in cuffs.

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