Periscope Depth

you’re just a rapping infection, dirtilizing my section

While doing my taxes, I was presented with the option of deducting my medical expenses. After doing some math, I realized I would have to have spent over $3000 on doctor’s bills in 2010 to take it as a deduction. “Three thousand dollars a year in medical expenses?” I thought. “Is that even possible?”

(Progressives, if you’re looking for an example of “male privilege,” bookmark this post)

God laughed at my plans and laid me low with sickness less than a week later. Friday evening, driving home from a friendly poker game (first out), I had a hoarse voice. Saturday it was painful to swallow. Sunday I called off jiu-jitsu and slept until 1:00 PM, returning to bed at 10:00. Monday I thought I was doing better, until I tried going to sleep. I spent the next seven hours hacking up gunk, shivering in a fever and massaging my aching jaw.

All signs pointed to a sinus infection – the aching in my skull combined with the symptoms of a bad cold. So I stopped off at CVS last night for, among other things, a giant tub of generic NyQuil. The self-checkout beeped and raised a whirling light when I swiped it: you need to be 21 or older to buy cough syrup at CVS. Which means that, were I in college now instead of a decade ago, I’d need to rely on generous older students for the medicine that would keep me sane. But hey! It’s for the kids!

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