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he drinks a lager drink, he drinks a cider drink

Discovered two awesome beers this weekend:

* The Racer 5 IPA (WARNING: terrible website design), a California brew that made its way to Common Ground in Allston. Just the right blend of bitterness and sourness that makes a good IPA for me.

* Berkshire Brewing Company’s Steel Rail Pale Ale. Sylvia and I ate at Foundry on Elm after seeing Cymbeline on Saturday. I ordered a Steel Rail and was stunned into silence at how smooth and tasty it was. After dinner, we marched one block south to Downtown Wine and Spirits and picked up a 64-oz growler of it. Most of that jug is now gone.

Your preference for Racer 5 will depend on how much you like IPAs. But almost anyone should like Steel Rail. Smooth, refreshing and light but with a full body of flavor.

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Downtown Wine and Spirits is dear to me as the source of one of the best lines I can never use. I was in line there, years ago, when the woman behind the checkout perked up her ears at the song playing on the store radio. “You know,” she said, “I ruined a perfectly good song by getting married.”

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