Periscope Depth

we got ‘em going down for the count

Part Two of my exploration of the ten best mash-ups on Girl Talk’s “All Day” is now up on Overthinking It.

Mashing “Cecilia” with “Get Low” makes a terrifying song friendly. Suddenly, you have something everyone can enjoy. Lil Jon’s commands to “back, back, back it up” now have a spirit of fun behind them.

The irony, of course, is that the peppy production values of “Cecilia” don’t make “Get Low” any more catchy. It’s already plenty damned catchy as it is. People have not stopped dancing to “Get Low” just because of its dark tone. No one will hear this song and say “Finally!”

Rather, mashing “Cecilia” — a song about a woman playing games with a man’s heart — with “Get Low” — a song about a man ordering a woman to present her ass — illustrates the whole give-and-take game of seduction. The male approaches; the female withdraws. The guy is bold; the girl acts unimpressed. The man yells “Get low! Stop! Wiggle with it!”, etc. The woman doesn’t have to do any of this if she doesn’t want to. But she complies.

Stop! Collaborate! Listen … er, read.