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somebody called you, but you cannot hear

Light posting this week, and mostly meta.

The top posts this week, in terms of directing traffic to this site, were:

* My review of Scott Pilgirm vs The World, which I titled with the opening lyric of a catchy song from the movie and got a lot of Google traffic that way;

* My recap of Chuck Palahniuk’s keynote from Muse and the Marketplace, which Grub Street linked to from their newsletter;

* A Highly Critical Review of the First 1:30 of NBC’s Supertrain, which some dear cited as a source on Wikipedia;

* And my review of Stop Making Sense, which Ilkka K. linked to from Fourth Checkraise (dude, come back, we miss you).

Those four posts accounted for about 17% of my traffic this year. Three of them benefited from links from more popular sources, and one from a keyword-rich title. Who says SEO doesn’t matter?

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