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Hey there, former Baltimore Ravens head coach Brian Billick! How is Ben Roethlisberger keeping his strained ankle safe in the week leading up to Sunday’s game?

Good to know:

In a follow up report to our story on Monday about Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and his sprained right foot, word now has it that the man affectionately known as Big Ben is sporting protective boots to help the injury heal faster. The starting quarterback had, on Sunday last, injured the foot in the Steelers’ overtime victory against the Buffalo Bills.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are due to play against the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday this week for the AFC North Division top spot, and Roethlisberger is likely to be in a position to play on the team. Fans hope and pray that the QB, who boasts a very impressive career until now, will be able to hit the field for the weekend game despite the injury.

Now, I have long decried the damage that American football does to men’s bodies and minds, so far be it for me to applaud the suffering of another human being. That being said, I want Raunchisberger to play no more than three minutes of football on Sunday before being taken out on a stretcher. I want Ray Lewis to vault over Maurkice Pouncey, clip Big Ben in the head and come away with a fistful of hair. I want Byron Leftwich to drop his clipboard and shake. I want blood and death and anguish.

I’d also like Derrick Mason to get some more touches on the ball, but that’s a secondary concern.