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when kingdom come (you ready?)

Not that I’m unhappy with my current phone, and not that I need more access to e-mail, and not that I’m looking for new ways to spend money, and I don’t even like Twitter that much, and I’m scared I’d drop it, but, you know, if you knew something, or had a suggestion, or maybe had read something recently, maybe there’s a chance you could givemesomeadviceonsmartphones.


Specifically: two of Virgin Mobile’s smartphones, the Samsung Intercept and the BlackBerry Curve. Does anyone have any experience with either? Or know someone who does?

To save you some trouble: I am not interested in any service other than Virgin Mobile. The fact that I can get unlimited texts and data for less than I pay for my current phone plan – which I got in 2002 and have never needed to upgrade – is the selling point. If it turns out there’s a host of hidden fees that makes the Virgin Mobile plan more than “twenty-five dollars a month,” my response will be to not get a smartphone, not to consider Sprint or AT&T. So let me forestall that.

That being said: if you can tell me something good about the Intercept or the Curve, you might make me a very happy member of the 21st Century. At last.

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