Periscope Depth

we don’t punch girls, and we don’t punch a clock

Today is my last day at Internet Inc. Tomorrow I start work at Micro Machines., a start-up in Boston that manages display advertising through data-intensive platforms.

A few notes:

  • This is the first job I’ve taken that belonged to the same industry as the job previous. I guess I’m building a career now.

  • Once again, as with every employer I’ve had since college, I am taking zero time off between jobs. I walk out of one office on Wednesday and into a new one on Thursday.

  • This is the first job I’m leaving that I’ll really miss. I liked all the people I dealt with. The workload wasn’t that bad. The address and the view were nice. I felt like I was playing at the top of the field.

  • The money’s good.

So long, Copley Square. Good to know you.