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Four Questions for PPC Remarketing

Living up to the “SEO guru” tagline, I’ve got a post on Search Engine Land about four questions every marketer should ask before launching a PPC remarketing campaign:

[I]f remarketing were that easy, everyone would do it. What the engines won’t tell you is that remarketing takes more effort to set up than a traditional PPC campaign.

For example, you’ll have to consider how a remarketing effort ties into your campaign’s key performance indicators (KPI). Since remarketing serves a smaller audience, it may not produce the volume your KPIs require.

In addition, it is important to have a comprehensive understanding of how your targeted users behave, especially how long they take to convert. Remarketing takes place in the window between first click and final acquisition. How long is that window for your business?

Beyond that, you will need the technical savvy to implement the required tracking. Relax — this won’t take too much work. But you’ll want to make sure you can test your remarketing campaign’s structure before implementing.

If you read me for SEO/SEM, check it out. If not, go about your day.

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