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Question regarding the new Jennifer Aniston / Jason Bateman comedy The Switch:

Kassie [Aniston], on her own but eager to have a baby, has personally selected her donor, a square-jawed surfer-blond dude named Roland (Patrick Wilson). To toast her impending pregnancy, she throws a party in which Roland is asked to leave his crucial sample in the bathroom. He does — but Wally [Bateman], in a drunken haze, pours it down the drain and leaves his own sample instead.

Cut to seven years later, when Kassie is living in Colorado with her 6-year-old son, Sebastian (Thomas Robinson), who unbeknownst to everyone, is really Wally’s son. Even Wally doesn’t know it; he has no memory of that fateful night, or of the switch that he drunkenly, passive-aggressively instigated.

Is what Bateman’s character does:

  1. Worse than rape;
  2. Just as bad as rape; or
  3. Actually rape
I’m torn between 1 and 2, but you could make a case for 3.

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The gym near my office has a whiteboard at the entrance. The staff regularly updates it with health tips. For the past few weeks they’ve had a paragraph of text which reads (paraphrasing):

Desk jobs are bad! Sitting all day puts an unnatural strain on your back, core, knees and hip flexors. Talk to a personal trainer today for ways to recover.

About two weeks ago, someone erased the word “desk.”

Someone replaced the word “desk” last week, using a different colored marker. I don’t know if that was done for emphasis or just because no one could find the original color.

As of this past Wednesday, someone had erased it again. The Cold War continues.

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