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a gentleman’s game

Friends of mine have posted this video twice so far this week, so I feel I ought to comment. It takes place in Boston’s Chinatown. (WARNING: features bat-on-head violence but no visible blood)

I don’t know why I feel obligated to comment every time someone takes an unwise risk and the rest of the Internet applauds it. But I don’t like people being self-destructive. I hate the culture of honor and the dumb things it makes people do. And I hate jackasses like this.

To recap what happens in the video: a drunken ass picks fights with passing cars. His friends make a feeble effort at holding him back but don’t try too hard, primarily “helping” by yelling, “Go! Keep going!” to the assaulted drivers. One driver gets it particularly bad: the instigator climbs on top of the driver’s car, slides off, and then punches either the rear window or the rear panel. He almost certainly did more damage to his fist than to the car in the process. So the driver speeds away from what could have been a much more dangerous scenario with, at worst, cosmetic damage to his car.

What does he do? He parks his car at the top of the street – with the door unlocked – and comes back with a baseball bat.

The drunk instigator’s friends go from being the driver’s allies (helping him get out of this one-way street) to his enemies (backing up their idiot friend). He is now in a four-on-one fight. He’s got an aluminum bat, but that doesn’t make him invincible. All it takes is one guy wrapping you by the arms while his three friends wail on you. Can’t swing your way out of that one.

Our batter goes from driving away uninjured to running for his life and taking serious damage to his car as the attackers lay into it with the bat he just gave them. And why? Because some drunk white guy called him a racial epithet and said, “Get out the car!” That’s a terrible reason to risk your life, to say nothing of your ride.

If you ever have the opportunity to walk away from a fight, take it. Keep your hands up and your eyes open, but take it. You never know if the other guy has a knife, a stick or even a gun in his pocket. You never know if he’s got a harder right hook than you do. Don’t start shit and don’t let people start shit with you.