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then we’ll get a chinese and watch TV

Traveling to a wedding in way-upstate NY this weekend. You’re on your own for a few days.

To tide you over, here’s some much needed common sense about vitamins:

everyone in our society with the exception of those on extreme diets or with other extreme conditions is already getting enough vitamins to avoid deficiency states. And with two exceptions, there is to date no evidence that taking vitamins in excess of what is needed is helpful (though there is substantial evidence that several of them are harmful in large amounts). The exceptions are niacin, which can be used in high dose to lower cholesterol and LDL cholesterol (“bad cholesterol”), and folic acid, which, when taken by women at the time of conception and the first weeks to early months of pregnancy in moderately high dosage, will decrease the likelihood of neural tube defects (a particularly terrible group of birth defects) from 1/10,000 to about 1/50,000, with no toxicity.


There is no proven benefit to taking excess amounts of any other vitamin. For the group of vitamins that are soluble in water, most of them, amounts in excess of need are rapidly eliminated, usually in the urine – some have said it is like pissing away money. In general, we do not store these vitamins, and with those we do store, once the storage is filled, any additional amounts are eliminated. Fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) we can store in various places, but that is actually worse, since these can build up to levels causing problems (particularly vitamins A and D).

(And that includes Vitamin C, for those of you still taking Airborne)

Tiger Beatdown provides some pro-level Overthink on Beyonce’s latest video:

The fun part is that, after all that, after all that effort and humiliation, it doesn’t work? After all that? That’s why Beyonce’s indignation and anger in this video is perfect. She’s throwing a tantrum, almost, throwing things around and flouncing on the floor, as if to say, WHAT THE FUCK?? YOU DON’T WANT THIS? I did everything I was supposed to do, I cleaned and cooked and pranced and paraded around in bustiers and wore extremely sexy makeup! And still! Nothing? I played by the rules and the rules were A BIG LIE.

Which is basically what it’s like to be a modern woman. We perform femininity, and not only does it not succeeding in bringing about the desired result, I think it’s actually counter-productive to our real goals. Particularly when we’re talking about relationships—lots of people really do want love, and close and serious romantic connections, and femininity is supposed to help us be lovable and desirable. And sure, it might help in attracting a man, but the culture of performative femininity actually makes it less likely that men will regard us as complete human beings, thus making it almost impossible for us to have real emotional intimacy with them, the kind that comes from being able to regard each other as equals.

And finally (I think Ilkka passed this one on), a theory on why New York works. In case you ever wondered why someone would want to live in the noisiest, smelliest, most expensive city in the U.S.

Housing is so tiny and cramped that virtually nobody can stand to be at home for any extended period of time. Going anywhere (e.g. actually getting in your car, if you have one, and going somewhere?) is a huge pain in the ass. Hence, 12-14 hour days in the office don’t seem so bad – they actually provide a respite.

This factor feeds on itself, of course: The more the no-quality-of-life factor works for business, the more business thrives here; the more business thrives here, the more businesses (and people who want to be associated with big business) want to be located here; the more everyone wants to be located here, the higher the price of housing gets; the higher the price of housing gets, the less quality-of-life people can afford; and the less quality-of-life people can afford, the more they just want to stay at the office …

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