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ten years burnin' down the road

I’ve got a piece on OTI today about Born in the U.S.A., perhaps America’s most misappropriated patriotic song. I also take some potshots at George F. Will in the column, so if that’s fun for you, check it out.

(Please note that I don’t sincerely believe “Born in the U.S.A.” is America’s most misappropriated patriotic song – “The Star-Spangled Banner,” taken from a British drinking song, might beat it out. But I do sincerely believe that George F. Will is a daft tool)

Happy Independence Day, Americans. As you enjoy your barbecues and beach trips this weekend, remember that this country is founded on a tradition of shooting at law enforcement officers and violently questioning the Party line. Now, if the cops harass you for illegal fireworks or open containers of alcohol outdoors, I’m not saying shoot them. I’m not.

I’m just saying there’s precedent.