Periscope Depth

I heard somebody say burn, baby, burn

Working out on Tuesday, the instructor really kicked my ass. We worked our core harder than I think I’ve ever worked it, though in a way that didn’t feel strained the next morning. I stumbled out of class with my legs loose and my arms glowing with warmth.

And this was half an hour before jiu-jitsu.

Talking with other jiu-jitsu students about yoga last week inspired me to check the BSC’s schedule. The BSC near my office offers yoga almost every weeknight, including classes that fit neatly between the end of my work-day world and the start of jiu-jitsu. Yoga has been, in my experience, an excellent workout – tense and draining without crippling me with exhaustion. It builds every muscle group in sequence. And if nothing else, it’s a better use of my time than browsing through Target again.

Besides, I pay enough for the gym every month that I ought to take one or two classes to justify it. It’s just good business sense.

Net result: I walked out of jiu-jitsu on Tuesday baking from the inside. My body churned calories at unreasonable speeds. I ate at a McDonald’s for the first time in possibly a year and topped it off with a protein shake when I got home. And while I went to bed tired, I didn’t wake up sore.

I like the exhausted state of mental clarity that yoga brings. It’s like a good massage – every muscle gets pounded free of kinks, forcing you to carry your body in a subtly different way. That, plus the flow of endorphins, plus the glowing warmth your body starts generating, makes you feel confident. I walked out of the BSC on Tuesday rolling from the balls of one foot to the other, like a mountain lion.

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