Periscope Depth

goes to my head

Two quick shout-outs:

  • The Second Glass, who host a regular crash course in wine appreciation at Downtown Wine & Spirits in Somerville. The Second Glass is a handful of guys and girls near my age who have an encyclopedic knowledge of wine without any of the pretension. They can reel off the vineyard characteristics and aging variables of a particular Bordeaux at the drop of a hat, but they’ll close with, “Now your typical wine douchebag would say this wine has good ‘legs’ to it …”
  • The Yelp Elite crew, for putting together this kickass wine-tasting and lecture. It was 20 of us crowded into the back corner of the liquor store, swirling wine and sniffing it like pros. I met some new people in the community and walked away with three cheap but phenomenal bottles of red: a 2007 Evodia Garnacha, a 2006 Andeluna malbec and a 2004 Knick Knack Ozzie red.
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