Periscope Depth

put down the horse, pick up the jack

I finally saw Back By Popular Demand on Friday. I’d seen Jacey and Melissa H. do stunning musical improv in their half-hour format, but I didn’t know how it would transfer to the 75-minute slot. The answer: effortlessly. The time just flew by. Hell, they probably could have done two hours. John S. was hilarious as absentminded host Connie Connors – think early 70s Dick Clark with a little more edge. And lots of love for the band.

I tested my ability to summon a small posse afterward by trying to rally folks, impromptu, for a night at Phoenix Landing. I snagged Melissa L. and Maile S. on the first pass, with Dave S., Serpico, Dana J., Marcelo, Megan and Kevin H. showing up soon thereafter. We closed the place out, per usual, fending off the riff-raff and enjoying ourselves.

And now he's cut his hair short again, so the argument's lost.

And now he's cut his hair short again, so the argument's lost.

Someone told me, unprompted, that I look like John Krasinski, which makes them the second person in Boston to say it. Other than me, that is. Even before I started growing my hair shaggy, I noticed a resemblance. He smiles the same way I do; it’s uncanny. That same unguarded grin in the rare moments that breach cynicism. I seriously found it unnerving the first few times I saw it happen.

Unfortunately, no one else sees the resemblance. Plus, there’s only so many times I can say, “No, really, I look like that guy on The Office everyone thinks is cute” before it starts to sound conceited.

(“Maybe if you smiled more often, people would pick up on it.”
“Eh, you’re right – it’s not worth it.”)

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