Periscope Depth

it's up to you, new york

Gavin, bartender at the Trinity PubGavin came over from Glasgow many years ago and started working in New York. The bar seemed fairly quiet when I first got there, though it picked up later in the evening. “Always slow on the Jewish holidays,” he commented. “I don’t get it.”

Times Square

Even at 9:20 AM on a Saturday Times Square was packed.

Times Square

New York lends itself to good photography – a lot of natural vertical lines, framing empty space or distant landmarks. Even a hack like me can’t screw it up too bad.

The Remains of the Pancakes

The remains of my wheat pancakes from Little Owl Cafe. “You should have taken a picture before you ate them,” Alexandra helpfully suggested.

A calliope

The calliope at Dachshund Day in Washington Square. I took no pictures of dachshunds, sadly. Dachshunds in sailor suits, dachshunds dressed as pirates, dachshunds in angels wings. All unphotographed.

A pair of manic street preachers in Union Square. One would scream prayers at us in English; the other would translate in Spanish.

The view from Central Park West.

Christine outside Apple’s glass brick.

And yours truly.

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