Periscope Depth

and so you'd better do what you are told; you better listen to the radio

Hey, friends: recommend me some of the following:

  • Podcasts. Anything entertaining or informative.
  • Books. Scope out my progress on my 50 books in a year for an idea of where my tastes lie. But I’ll try a pretty wide range of genres.
  • Television series available on DVD. I don’t need cable now that I have Netflix. On the few nights that I eat dinner at home, a single TV episode on a DVD covers just enough time to entertain me without totally jeopardizing my evening. Past favorites include Deadwood (S1), The Shield (S1-4), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (S1-2), Arrested Development (S1-3), Venture Bros (S1-2), Hustle (S1), House of Cards (S1-3), the greatest show which the medium of television has yet to produce, Veronica Mars (S1) and 30 Rock (S1-2).
  • Musics. I used to go through new artists pretty heavily by burning them to CD and listening while I drove in. Now I take the train and read, more’s the pity. So recommend me some groups to discover. Recent additions that I liked a lot include the Psychedelic Furs, Nas, N.E.R.D., the Allman Brothers, Arcade Fire and Tiesto. Find a common thread in that; Pandora hasn’t.
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