Periscope Depth

I'm super-super-strong

I got to see Superhoney at Johnny D’s on Friday, a rare treat. The crowd took a while to fill out but eventually took over the dance floor. They covered every inch of that cramped Johnny D’s stage and played all my favorites.

Sunday my friends Blake and Jenny got married down in Mashpee, which took a while to reach. RJ and I worried as we drove through black spatting storm clouds, but the weather cleared up quickly by the time we hit the Cape. And nothing beats the seashore right after the rain for a wedding. Blake and Jenny looked as unselfconsciously giddy as any couple I’ve ever seen. It proved, to my satisfaction, that you can have a formal wedding without having a stiff wedding. Everyone walks in a line and stands to the side and dresses really nice, but the officiant leads the congregation in a rousing chorus of “So Say We All” to bless the union. You’re wearing a bridesmaid’s dress; that doesn’t mean you can’t giggle.

Photos of me dancing may surface. I deny all of them pre-emptively.