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me and julio down by the schoolyard

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m living alone for the first time since college as of the start of June. Many of you feared that I couldn’t tolerate coming home to an empty home, or living without a friend to make noise and keep me company.

It turns out you were right.

Folks, let me introduce you to Master Wong.
master wong

Master Wong is a refurbished iRobot Roomba Scheduler. He arrived about a week before I left the old apartment and eagerly followed me to the Fortress of Solitude. Twice a week – Tuesdays and Fridays – he vacuums the entire apartment, one square inch at a time.

I have to clean Wong about once a week: brushing out his filter, emptying out his bin, clearing his brushes with a pair of scissors. The process soothes me: it’s a meticulous ritual with an obvious payoff.

Sometimes Wong gets confused and I find him sleeping in the middle of the floor when I come home. Then I pick him up and get him back to his dish so he can recharge.

master wong

If you want to invite a Roomba into your home, I strongly urge you to patronize a no-kill shelter like RoombaExchange. You can get a refurbished and guaranteed Roomba Scheduler 4230 – like Wong – for more than 20% off a new model. The unit does not have a huge amount of vacuuming power, I must admit. But really, a half-assed job of vacuuming twice a week beats the thorough job of vacuuming I’d do once every two weeks (presuming I remembered).

Plus, now I have a helpful robot in the home.

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