Periscope Depth

though you're dead and gone believe me, your memory will carry on

After work on Friday I met up with Rachel, RJ, Colby, Jason and Jess, Mark and his boy Ben and some other folks in Davis Square. I ate a hot dog while the rest of them slurped down ice cream.

Colby: Have you eaten six hot dogs?
Me: In my lifetime, or …
Colby: For the contest. If you eat six hot dogs in 90 minutes you get your picture on the wall.
Me: I think I’d like the five years that’ll take off my life, so … no.
RJ: You could just wait until winter then go into hibernation.
Jason: We should enter a grizzly bear in the contest. Man, that’d be awesome.
Me: ‘Um, excuse me sir, I hate to be rude but my manager’s making me ask. You’re not, um, a bear, are you?’
Me: ‘Right, right, okay.’

Eventually, Mark and Ben left to make out, Colby and his friends retreated to his house to prep for Battlestar Galactica, and Jason and Jess went back to eat salad. That left Rachel, RJ and me at a park table in Davis Square.

Rachel: It feels good to be in the majority again.
Me: Do you mean ‘straight people’ or ‘white people’?
RJ: Hey!
Rachel: Both?
Me: Or tall people?
Rachel: No, I wouldn’t – hold on, YES, them too.
RJ: Not that I have anything against straight people – some of my best friends are straight – but they can be a little much sometimes, you know?
Me: Oh yeah. A little flamboyant.
Rachel: I just wish they’d keep it to themselves.

We got bored with each other’s company, so we went to Jason and Jess’s house to play Smash Bros on the Wii. I took a while to adapt to the Wii controls – beating RJ twice in a straight-up fight but losing about ten consecutive matches of 4-for-all. N.B.: playing as Solid Snake is not as cool as it sounds.

We then tromped across the street to Colby’s to watch Battlestar Galactica. Despite nearly getting smacked by Colby …

Colby: Don’t shush me in my own house.
Me: Shh!

… we all cowered around his big screen in sugar-induced terror and watched the last human fleet of Caprica continue to deteriorate. Oh, man.

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