Periscope Depth

well, I've got friends in low places

Joe (a/k/a Big Daddy Hookup) had some extra pavilion seats for the Sox’ first game of the season against the Yankees. I quickly pounced on two of them. Wanting to share the tickets with the person who’d most appreciate them, I immediately thought of Victoria (a/k/a Tessie) and called her up.

How fun can a baseball game be with driving rain, sub-40 temperatures and a Sox loss? A hell of a good time, I say. Amanda (a/k/a Sarah Connor, Attorney at Law) and Joe recounted their trip to Tokyo to see the Sox play. Apparently the legendarily disciplined Japanese cheering section has now been introduced to the phrase “Yankees Suck.” That kind of gunboat diplomacy I can get behind.

And, of course, pavilion seats afford you a nice, unobstructed view of the players you’re yelling at.

That’s some Gold Glove fielding right there, A-Rod,” I yelled, off his early game error that left a runner on first. Later, after a neatly fielded double play: “You’re still not very good!

Giambi, starting the season with a masterful .050 average, homered one off the recovering Timlin. “Nice work, juicer,” I yelled. “Almost at .100! You’ll get there!

I dragged myself out of bed on Saturday into 60-degree temps and went to advanced instructor training for jiu-jitsu. Good news: my judo keeps getting better. Better news: the current crop of newly certifying instructors, including Katie (a/k/a the Redheaded Brown Belt), keep getting much better. They already have poise, confidence, engagement with the audience and good technique. Keep at it, trainees.

I finally saw Will (a/k/a Sketchy Bear) and DJ’s (a/k/a Gimli son of Gloin) place in Dorchester, a cozy little walk-up with some real class to it. I helped Serpico, Meghan, Will and Auston stat up characters for a forthcoming Mutants and Masterminds game. Boston can sleep soundly, knowing that Deluge, Rumble, the One-Man Battalion and an as-yet-unnamed ghost monk watch their streets. Afterwards, Will and I played Pain on the PS/3, which combines ragdoll physics models, crunching sound effects and cartoonish graphics for a perversely fun game.

Today’s theme: nicknames.