Periscope Depth

I think I better knock … on wood

Patrick Swayze diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, an asymptomatic cancer with a 5% survival rate inside the first five years.

Jeff Healey, famed blues guitarist, dies at 41.

Am I the first person to notice that a death curse is stalking the stars of Road House? Quick – someone check on Ben Gazzara!

Also: I know I’m the first person to remark that the brothel Eliot Spitzer patronized at some cost was named after that shitty Kevin Kline movie from about six years back. I know there has to be a better Kevin Kline movie to christen a cathouse. My suggestions:

  • Fierce Creatures
  • Consenting Adults
  • I Love You To Death
  • In & Out

Actually, those were all pretty mediocre movies. Why is Kevin Kline well regarded again?