Periscope Depth

they know my name 'cause I told it to them

I gave The Neon Bible another try (the Arcade Fire album, not the posthumous John Kennedy Toole novel) – and it’s not as bad as I first thought! I don’t know if I’d feel a pressing need to see them live if I’d already seen Interpol play within the last 12 months, but I can stand their music better now. I even found myself rocking out, just a little, on the drive in this morning.

Similar feelings about Dismemberment Plan (I owe Jason for bringing these both to my attention, though Elizabeth N. turned me on to D-Plan way, way back in high school). Don’t expect me to revisit Kanye, though.

I fed Pandora a smorgasboard of entries yesterday – I held the cutting board up to its gaping maw and scraped Atmosphere, Interpol, controller.controller, Massive Attack, Chemical Brothers and Otis Redding into it. It spit out a couple interesting recos: Arctic Monkeys, Blue Scholars and The Editors, among others. New fodder, new fodder!

I watched a repeat of America’s Best Dance Crew in the break room at work over lunch on Tuesday. I have the following observations, possibly heretical:

  • Sure, Breaksk8, the roller-skating dance crew, is talented, but doesn’t half the novelty lie in the fact that they’re not falling down? It’s like wearing ten pound wristbands while you pop ‘n lock. Lil’ Mama would say, “Your moves weren’t the freshest, but DAMN – how’d you do that with those weights on?” If they were doing the same caliber of moves without skates they wouldn’t have even made the cut. And you don’t get extra points for handicapping yourself … on the street.
  • The repeat we saw had a Michael Jackson theme to it, in honor of the 25th anniversary of Thriller (and god damn, that album stands the test of time). One group actually drew “Thriller” as their song to dance to. “Isn’t that cheating?” I asked. “Can’t they just do the Thriller dance? And then J.C. Chasez will say, ‘You guys did the dance from “Thriller.” You win.’” Because that shit is hard. I speak from experience here.
  • Status Quo – represent!