Periscope Depth

chain chain chain

The groundhog predicted six more weeks of media blow:

Palm Sunday: A collection of Vonnegut’s letters, speeches and editorials (as of 1981) collected into one volume. If you know the man already, you know what you’re getting into. I found some parts hilarious, some parts insightful and some parts a little picayune but not too bad. Reading an existentialist and an attempted suicide always puts me in a bit of a mood, though, so I advise caution.

Metamorphoses: Mary Zimmerman’s adaptation of Ovid’s best known myths went up in the BCA Black Box this past weekend. They did a lot with the space: three pools to dapple in, arches to enter and exit from. Some of the performances felt just a bit stiff but no one disappointed. BC alum Krista D’agostino was phenomenal in her multiple roles – sometimes heartbroken and melodramatic, sometimes godly and imperious, sometimes coy and playful. Worth seeing.

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