Periscope Depth

when I want my opinion, I'll ask for it

I’m tired of having opinions. I’m going to let the Internet make my opinions for me.

Topic: I don’t vote, on the grounds that the statistically miniscule impact my vote would have on an election isn’t worth the effort (there are tens of millions of voters in any national election and close elections are decided by the courts). However, I refuse to fly if other means (e.g., trains) are available, as a protest against demeaning and counterproductive airport security measures. I do this, knowing that my boycott has a statistically miniscule impact on the bottom line of the commercial aviation industry (they have hundreds of millions of customers a year and get Congressional bailouts when things go bad).

The obvious conclusion is, “Well, you’re a hypocrite / naif / doctrinaire market fanatic / lazy slacker.” However, that conclusion is wrong.

What’s the real reason that I make this distinction? Internet, I turn to you!

Special prizes awarded for the answers Most Likely To Be Accurate, Funniest, Most Convoluted and Most Academic-Sounding. Honorable mention to an answer that can be expressed in a cat macro or silly picture.